Finding an opportunity that interests you is half the battle. The next step is demonstrating to the employer that you are the right person for the job.  

As part of our services, the Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) Internship Program offers students* a variety of resources to help them develop their resumes, and prepare them for their internships applications and interviews.


ACC Career & Transfer Services is available to support students in each step of their experiential learning journey. We can help you shape your future, beginning the day you enter our doors with visions of your future life in mind, all the way until you exit our college and land the university transfer spot or job that moves you onward in your career journey. We are eager to support you, not only in your ultimate career goal, but in gaining the insight, skills, learning experiences, and intermittent jobs that strengthen your opportunities and solidify you as the ideal, highly sought after candidate that employers are seeking.

Most employers require that you send a resume and cover letter. A well-written resume and cover letter increase your chances of being invited to an interview. Optimizing your resume utilizing career technology tools can get you past employer firewalls (applicant tracking systems or ATS). Properly preparing and practicing for an interview will help you close the deal and secure the position..  Employers are typically seeking individuals who fit into their work culture and will enhance their team. Your challenge is to demonstrate how you fulfill what the employer is seeking. Clearly articulating your personal competencies, as well as your job-related skills will often give you a competitive edge. “Personal competencies” include a variety of attributes employers are actively seeking in their ideal candidate (how well you communicate, your work ethic, your ability to interact with peers and supervisors successfully, favorable character traits, your leadership skills and problem solving ability, etc.). 

Current information is available through the ACC Career Resources web site and can be accessed by simply remembering “/career” ( The Career Ready portion of our website features specific events and opportunities associated with preparing for that ideal opportunity.


Below are some of the resources available to ACC students seeking Experiential Learning opportunities. These are designed  to support your progress toward your ideal career goal. 


  1. Career Ready 101 – is a free, independent Blackboard course which can be added by every ACC student who has a Blackboard account.   Career Ready 101 is designed to introduce you to the foundational skills and competencies employers are seeking in applicants and interns (based on the National Association of Colleges and Employers [NACE] core competencies). . Career Ready 101  is a self-guided  non-credit course designed to provide you with foundational knowledge so you can represent yourself to the best of your ability when the time comes to compete for an internship or other work opportunity.  Upon successful completion of Career Ready 101, students will: 
    • Use a planning model to make educational and career decisions.
    • Identify personal interests, skills and values
    • Assess personal strengths and abilities, and practice articulating them
    • Research career fields and occupations of interest
    • Outline the NACE core competencies
    • Articulate transferable skills
    • Write a beginner resume
    • List career building jobs and economic outcomes of selected career pathways. 


Students are encouraged to  add Career Ready 101 to their Blackboard account during their first or second semester and actively go through the course .  Request access to Career Ready 101:


2. Strategies for Today’s Jobs (AARX 3002) – This free Continuing Education course  is a comprehensive job search training program designed to specifically increase your employment opportunities in today’s current digital era. Students are encouraged to complete this 1-month long course the semester prior to enrolling for an internship, practicum, clinical, coop, or apprenticeship; prior to the semester of their graduation; or at any time when needing to secure employment or wanting to advance in their current career path. . The Strategies for Today’s Jobs course is a 16-hour, non-credit, free Continuing Education course (AARX 3002) spanning up 4-weeks, which is applicable to any paid or unpaid job opportunity in a student’s area of study. ACC seeks to be a catalyst for economic and social equity in Central Texas. In support of this objective, Strategies for Today’s Jobs intentionally incorporates strategies designed to equalize the playing field for individuals who may face barriers or biases in the hiring process. Students enrolled in Strategies for Todays Jobs receive:

    • 1-on-1 career coaching 
    • Help preparing a personal brand and elevator pitch  
    • Insight regarding transferable skills
    • Guidance in writing targeted resumes and cover letters 
    • Resume analysis utilizing an AI system (artificial intelligence) to strengthen the potential of successfully navigating automated employer screening systems to secure an interview invitation
    • Face-to-face and remote interview practice with AI-driven interviewing technology
    • Networking experience 
    • Training in how to take advantage of Linkedin and Indeed’s advanced functionality
    • Salary negotiation skills 
    • Ongoing guidance after completing the course to help secure employment. 


3. CareerLink

ACC’s Career Service platform, CareerLink, is available via mobile app. CareerLink can be downloaded immediately upon entry to ACC (requires ACC Gmail account) and connects students with important information and services to guide toward, and maintain focus on, career goals. CareerLink provides quick access to:

a. Positions posted by employers seeking to hire ACC students and the ability to interact with them through CareerLink 

b. ACC Career & Transfer Services staff 

c. Experiential learning opportunities 

d. Events such as job fairs, employer meet-ups, networking opportunities, university transfer activities, tips to maximize your experiential learning opportunities and job search, job and career preparation workshops, etc.

e. Feedback on resumes

f. Numerous videos and tips for career exploration or to help stay on track toward your career objective 


Use your ACC email to create an account and your ACCeID (numbers only, no first letter). Or schedule an appointment with a Career & Transfer Specialist for one-on-one assistance. Login or create your account today!


4. LibGuides

These resources include a number of articles, videos and other resources that will help you with your resume, workplace skills, and interview strategies

5. The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) Handbook


Self-Help Articles and Videos

We’ve collected additional video’s and articles listed below to assist you with resumes, soft skills and writing accomplishment statements.

Career Paths – Pursuing Your Passion – in this video a Princeton alumnus speaks about career paths and pursuing your passion.

6 Red Flags That Make Recruiters Pass on Your Resume  – this article published by Fast Company, June 2017 discusses the do’s and don’t of resume writing.

5 Ways to Ruin Your Resume  – this article published by Fast Company, June 2017 explores 5 ways you could be sabotaging your resume.

Google Recruiter Resume Tips  – in this article, published by Fast Company, June 2017 A Former Google Recruiter Reveals the Biggest Resume Mistakes.

Soft Skills and You  – This article reviews some of the “soft skills” not often listed in a job posting but are valuable to have. Food for thought …..Consider where you may have exhibited some of these skills and how you can incorporate statements into your resume and interview prep that highlight your “soft skills.”

Writing Accomplishment Statements  –  Accomplishment statements describe your achievements in the experience section of your resume, this article from career services at Princeton University published in August of 2017 provides  formula to assist you in evaluating and promoting your experience. Accomplished Writing Statements Worksheet

How to be the Perfect Intern – Internship Success – In this article learn what employers look for when seeking the perfect candidate for the job.

How to be the Best Intern Ever – Now that you landed the internship, here are 10 tips to help you develop your skills, build up your resume and learn to network with people working in your field.

*The OEL Internship Program does not work directly with students. Career Services is available to help students with their resumes, interview skills development, and LinkedIn.