The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) Internship Program assists departments in finding internship positions that provide meaningful experiences for their students. We also provide information for ACC students looking for internships. Please know that OEL Internship Program does not work directly with students. The OEL Internship Program does provide basic information about internships at ACC. Students seeking advice or assistance with Career Services are encouraged to contact ACC Career Resources.

In order for students to qualify for an internship, the following general guidelines should be followed:

  • Students must be enrolled at ACC.
  • Ideally, students should be at or near the end of their certificate of degree program.

To receive credit for employment, a student must be enrolled in an internship practicum* in the department of the declared major.

If you’re an ACC student, you can start by contacting the department chair in your program area and express your desire to participate in an internship. Send a follow-up email if you don’t hear from them after 7 business days.

Next, get a step ahead by building or updating your resume. Visit ACC Career Resources

Also, ask your professors, former employers, and others who are familiar with your work to write a recommendation letter to add to your resume.

While not always required unless indicated by a potential employer, you can differentiate yourself from other candidates by building a portfolio. A portfolio can include:

  • Samples of your work (projects, reports, presentations, etc.)
  • Organizations in which you have participated
  • Honors and awards you have received
  • Licenses or certifications you have received
  • Skills you would like to highlight


Any questions about applying for an internship, please contact your department chair.**

*ACC Courses can have other designations for internships such as Academic Cooperative Capstone, Clinicals, Cooperative Education, Field Experience, Independent Study, Internship and Practicum.

**OEL Internship Program does not work directly with students.