Internship Practicum Instructor Responsibilities

    1. Review Employer Active List
      • Employer Active List will be sent, updated and maintained weekly in google docs. The Internship Coordinator will send an email attaching the link weekly to department chairs and internship instructors.
      • Faculty can reject or approve internship opportunities
    2. Contact Employers on Active List
      • Some faculty reach out to employers to ask specific questions or to make introductions prior to the beginning of the semester. Other instructors wait until students have been placed in internship opportunities before establishing contact. Regardless of what method you choose, contact with students internship sites is considered best practice.
    3. Meet with Students to Determine Goals and Plan Internships
      • Important to maintain communication with students throughout their degree to plan ahead for internships. A good tool to have students utilize 60-90 days prior to the beginning of a semester is to have them complete the “Intent to Register Form.”
    4. Advertise/Match Students to Internship Opportunities
      • OEL strongly advises against sharing the google doc with students as some of our employer partners do not want their contact information shared.
      • It is recommended that a new document is created or personal information such as phone number or email is blocked out for those employers who do not want to be directly contacted.
      • Internship Opportunities should ONLY be shared with students registered or planning to register for the course. Once all of the students have been placed in an internship any unfilled positions can be shared with the rest of the department.
    5. Complete Internship Agreement
      • Deadline for submission is the end of the 6th week, Friday, of the semester
      • If deadline can’t be made instructor must communicate this to OEL
      • If using the online agreement, the agreement is a 3 step submission process initiated by the student
    6. Provide Supervision and Guidance to Student and Employer
      • Instructor agrees to be available to student and employer throughout the course of the semester
    7. Advising the OEL Internship Program director of issues with employers
      • The faculty should first advise their department chair of the issue.
      • The director will only intercede with the employer to remediate a situation at the request of the department chair.
      • The director will provide advice and support for faculty, as well as documentation in case of a complaint.
      • The employer may be removed from the master list if requested by the department chair.
    8. Submit Final Evaluations
      • Faculty should complete an OEL Internship Program evaluation to assess the internship experience from the perspective of the internship practicum instructor and offer feedback to the OEL Internship Program for program improvements
      • Ensure students submit evaluations of the employer as they are considered a required document

*The department chair designates faculty to participate by offering courses with internships. Faculty teaching these courses are considered internship practicum instructors by the OEL Internship Program.